New updates and improvements to Beagle Security

GDPR & HIPAA compliance reports

New Feature

Data privacy violations and non-compliance with GDPR and HIPAA standards can result in legal actions and hefty fines.

Ensuring compliance should not be a huge headache or expense for your organization.

Introducing GDPR & HIPAA compliance reports on Beagle Security.

gdpr & hipaa reports

With Beagle Security, you can integrate a continuous security testing approach in your SDLC to find vulnerabilities at the right time. You can then mitigate the vulnerabilities using the recommendations provided by Beagle Security and ensure compliance with standards like GDPR and HIPAA.

This new feature allows you to export PDF reports against GDPR and HIPAA compliance standards and gain a better understanding of the security controls you have passed and failed.

The report lists all the vulnerabilities that come under the failed controls so that your team can fix them. By establishing a continuous security testing process in accordance with compliance standards, you can show auditors that you handle data in a safe and responsible way.