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Contextual reports ✨

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Agile development cycles demand quicker remediation of the discovered security flaws, but the outdated and generic remediation guidance provided by DAST tools isn’t helping.

Development teams are under pressure to prioritize flaw remediation and push fixes to production as soon as possible. But without context and actionable guidance to do so, developers are often left hanging trying to figure out how to remediate reported vulnerabilities.

Introducing Contextual Reports from Beagle Security – a breakthrough generative AI model that gives you detailed, actionable, and step-by-step breakdown of how to remediate each vulnerability.


Powered by advanced language models and our own data sets, the latest addition will help you to remediate vulnerabilities efficiently and faster than ever before, saving you precious hours and improving your developer productivity.

Beagle Security’s test engine makes use of the user input and reconnaissance of its own to identify the database, framework, language, and server to generate the reports that are highly contextual for each application.

Try contextual reports out for yourself and experience the difference in productivity.